RSI Global Play Day 2019 has ended

Welcome to the registration page for RSI’s Global Play Day!

All Grade 5 students AND 6th grade students who are new to RSI (did not use a Sched account for this last year):  
Watch this video to learn how to set up your Sched account.

Grade 6 students who use Sched for Global Play Day last year (already have a Sched account):  
Watch this video to learn how to change/edit your Company Name (homeroom teacher) in your account.

All Students:  Watch this video to learn how to select your sessions for the day!


  • Register for only ONE session per time slot.
  • Students should register for DIFFERENT sessions each time (do not sign up for the same thing twice).
  • Read the description for your sessions to be sure you know what to bring.
  • If you wish to alter your schedule, sign in, de-select the bubble for the session to remove your name from it, then select the bubble for the new session you choose.
  • The Sched system does not have a Save button - everything saves automatically!

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Wednesday, February 6